Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual Projector

The design of the Sky Lite is different from the typical globe shape that you can find on most planetarium projectors. Its unique shape allows you to tilt it from a 45-degree angle for wall projection to a 90-degree angle for projecting its visual goodness on your ceiling. The unit projects a patented blue nebula cloud effect through its aperture, allowing your bedroom or living room to shine in a special way.

projecteur Galaxie

You will find three control buttons on the side of the unit: the on and off switch, adjust the brightness level and control the motion. There are 4 different effects available. The normal one is a field of drifting stars against a moving nebula background, and the pulse mode (which is not really impressive). Additionally, you can choose to only display the stars or the nebula cloud.

To create this holographic light show, the sky lite uses a direct diode laser combined with a high-quality optical glass lens. Although the brightness level is satisfying, the visual effects will be much more impressive in a dark room. Regarding space coverage, the device does cast its visual goodness over a very wide area.

Sky Lite from BlissLights is an affordable star projector that is ideal for anyone wanting to create an outer space / relaxing feeling in their humble abode. We wished that the device had more colour options. However, the visual quality of the projected nebulae, starfields and auroras is mesmerising on any background. It is rated as one of the best starry night light projectors by Amazon’s editorial recommendations.

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