At Your Service: Sugar Hair Removal

Sugar hair removal was formerly the only way to have a silky, hairless skin: there were so many queens, princesses, and warriors who required flawless skin that solutions had to be developed. We now have electric shocks, laser light, metal tweezers, and razors with various blades, not to mention the many depilatory lotions and waxes available on the market. The Persians solved the problem by adopting sugar hair removal, often known as “Persian waxing,” a process that may be tried today using natural ingredients accessible in our cabinets and freezers, rather than a sophisticated chemical.

Sugar, lemon juice, water, occasionally soothing oils, and a dusting of cornstarch are all used in the sugar wax techniques. The combination is known to safely remove unwanted hair from your legs, for example, without taking strips of your skin, as most hot waxes do nowadays. The sticky, gooey substance was characterized by the Persian term “moum,” and you may need to repeat the process until you get the desired wax consistency.

Homemade Treatments

Why do you usually choose Grandma’s cookies with milk over the store chips? Because they’re normally waiting for you at the table, and they make your mouth dry at the sight of them, certain logical deductions may be drawn. Natural components are used in home-made items, and the “creator” knows precisely what he put in, ensuring a full natural mixture, and, more importantly, they are inexpensive. Sugar hair removal methods are substantially less expensive than hot wax hair removal because sugar is usually on hand, and a lemon may not be that difficult to come by. You may use a spatula to apply the product to your skin, and you can remove it using regular strips of cloth or cotton fabric intended for waxing.

What to Do

You may produce the combination at home because the technique is quite pleasant and obviously cost effective: two cups sugar, a quarter cup water, a quarter cup lemon juice, plus the additional tea tree oil must be combined and cooked to 200 degrees Fahrenheit on the stove. When the mixture is boiling and gentle bubbles appear on the surface, remove it from the heat and microwave it for another ten or twenty seconds.  To have sugar wax for your unwanted hairs you can go to Evellere. To make the skin dry, dust it with corn starch or cornmeal, and then apply the cloth strips, removing them in the opposite direction that the hair develops on the region. That’s all there is to sugar hair removal!

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